The Storytelling Festival 2020

The 2020 Storytelling Festival will take place from 12. to 18. of October 2020 and treats you to a full week of storytelling experiences throughout the Municipality of Skellefteå.

While most are in Swedish, some performances will be in English:
Taha (Thursday). In the internationally award-winning performance TAHA, we get to follow a human fate that begins in Palestine before the Second World War and ends in London at a poetry conference half a century later.
Catastrophe (Friday). A mixture of catastrophic myths, historical events, and personal stories from a highly comical perspective.
Only Bones (Friday). Physical comedy in an intimate performance – slapstick, circus, and clownery. With Thom Monckton.
Captivated (Saturday). Danish Storyteller Kasper Sørensen with a story from inside a Danish prison.

Storytelling workshop
There’s also a workshop Friday 10.00-16.00 with Kasper Sørensen. The workshop consists of two parts.
Highway to tell (workshop I)
Experience the new approach to use of launguae in storytelling. Have fun with your stories and watch them grow, twist and turn, into even better versions of themselves.
Get new tools to spice up your storytelling.
Evoke images and turn them to story (Workshop II)
Come as you are – and leave with a brand new story. From one single image, we craft new pieces and tell them to each-other, make them live, sparkle and shine…
Feedback included.

Because of the special situation this year, most events will require a ticket, even those with free admission.
Ticket outlets: Tickets to performances at the Västerbottensteatern as well as to Nordic Storytelling Centre’s own ticketed events can be purchased via or via Skellefteå Turistcenter, phone +46 (0)910-45 25 15.
Direct links to ticket booking at for each event can be found at
Ticket info for other organisers can be found in the calendar linked to each event. (In Swedish.)
NOTE! Due to the current pandemic, the number of seats is highly limited, and many performances may therefore be sold out.

Covid 19
In order to provide safe storytelling experiences, we will organise our events according to a special corona plan, with limited seating, etc.

We want you to feel safe when you visit the Västerbottensteatern, even in uncertain times like this. We will create additional space in the lobby, the café, and the theatre auditorium so that everyone can maintain distance. We also want you to have peace of mind when deciding to book a ticket, and we therefore have the following policy;
• You will get your money back if the performance is cancelled.
• If you feel ill, you may exchange your ticket for a new one on another date or for a gift card.
Measures implemented inside the theatre:
• The theatre café will be used as an additional coat check area.
• We avoid queues by letting the audience in earlier.
• The audience will be seated in banquet style during all autumn performances on the main stage (“stora scenen”). During intermission, you remain seated while enjoying the coffee and snacks already on the table. Each portion is individually wrapped or placed in a paper bag.
• Performances given at the Nordanåteatern, Stadshotellet, or Medlefors will comply with the restrictions decided by the Swedish Public Health Agency and government.
• We have made corona adjustments at the ticket counter and sanitiser will be placed around the rooms.
New ways to collaborate in corona times
Every cloud has a silver lining. As – during the prevailing corona restrictions – our current premises are not large enough for this autumn’s theatre programme, we are happy to present Skellefteå Stadshotell as our new partner for lunch and dinner theatre from 22 October to 13 November. This is also where we will perform “Kejsarn av Portugallien” (The Emperor of Portugal) 3–4 November. The performance will take place upstairs, on Festvåningen. The venue is marked in the calendar and on your ticket.
We will also present “Kejsarn av Portugallien” at Medlefors Folkhögskola 12–13 November. Thank you for your cooperation!

Photo by Aurélia Tassafi: Thom Monckton in Only Bones.